UX Designer,  Storyteller,  People-Person

Bethany Colden, UX designer

As a kid, I loved drawing plans for my dream house. My favorite part was designing for the experiences of my future dog and kids. User-centered design has always been part of who I am.

My future dog

Eventually, I grew up to study architecture and creative writing at MIT, and spent four years as an architectural designer. I still love architecture, but first and foremost I love people -- that's why I'm a UX designer.

I love people

One of my super powers is storytelling. I do it in my designs, on the screen, on paper, on stage, in digital audio, as installation art, and with communities. I love connecting with the heart of what matters to people.

The heart of what matters

I have experience designing for both the digital and physical realms, and I'm happiest when I can combine the two. I'm also happiest when I can use UX to make a positive impact on the world.


I'm currently the Designer in Residence for the User Experience Design Immersive at General Assembly in Seattle. This fellowship ends December 1, and I will be seeking work as a UX designer starting December 14, 2015.

I can lead the entire UX process, from research and planning, through interaction and visual design, to interactive prototype. My talents and passion are strongest when I'm closely connected with people: translating user and business needs into features and interfaces, working directly with users and stakeholders, conducting interviews and usability tests, presenting, and designing with a great team.

As a UX designer, I'm a huge advocate for the user, but I always strive to balance user needs with business goals and tech capabilities. My favorite tool for validating design is usability testing. (I really love usability testing!) Read a UserTesting blog post I wrote about remote vs. in-person testing.

Because of my background in architecture and art, I have strong visual skills and I'm adept at using a variety of physical and digital tools. I enjoy building high-fidelity, interactive prototypes. I'm particularly interested in the intersection between physical and digital design, and design that makes the world a better place -- crafting user experiences for wearables, industrial design, or social innovation.

I want to work for an exceptional design firm dedicated to user-centered design, where I can continue to expand my UX expertise. I love working in a fast-paced, supportive environment full of frighteningly talented people who love what they do.

Please reach out if you want to talk about how I'd fit on your team!


QuoteI was fortunate to work with Bethany designing an Android mobile app. Bethany has many skills that make her an asset to any team, but what impresses me most is her total commitment to our users, and to our team. Her input is consistently valuable and insightful, and she is always enthusiastic about considering alternatives and finding the best solution. I learned so much working with Bethany, but what stands out is her combination of pragmatism with a commitment to excellence, and her ability to design from her heart.

- Jay DeFehr, UX Designer

QuoteVery. Very impressive work. Lots to work with and develop. Looking forward to digging deeper into this project and creating what will be a life changing app for people. Again. Many. Many thanks.

- Zander Natallanni, CEO/Founder, Why Not Us Foundation

QuoteI like talking with you. You decrease my level of stress each time. And you can quote me on that.

- Jean-Stephane Vachon, UXDI student

QuoteBethany is a person who cares. She cares about users, she cares about the project, she cares about the client, and she cares about the people she works with. She is insightful, hard-working, open-minded, empathetic, and driven. She knows how to talk to users and clients in a way that makes them comfortable and open, allowing her to find amazing insights about people. Bethany is an Axure wizard and always willing to help out the team. A blessing, pleasure, and joy to work with, I would be on any team Bethany was on in a heartbeat. Because she usually has treats.

- Michael Cole, UX Designer

Bethany Colden, UX designer

I'm based in Seattle, but spend most weekends on a tiny island in Puget Sound, restoring a Victorian with my husband.

Restoring a Victorian

I perform and facilitate with the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble. We do interactive, improv theater for social change. The ensemble has taught me a ton about empathy, privilege, oppression, and connecting with audiences ... and it has erased my fear of improv!

Yes ... and!

I run marathons. I make socially engaged art. I hang upside-down. Hablo algo de español. I'm always learning something(s), and I'm eager to learn more.