Reducing the barriers between you and your fitness

UX design  |  iOS app concept

QUICK OVERVIEW: Being fit and active is one of the most important things to Lauren Lo, but she doesn't always have the support she needs to follow through on her fitness goals. This is the story of how I designed a way to help Lauren stay fit, healthy and happy by using the WORK OUT NOW mobile app. This is a one-week concept piece.

MY ROLES: Solo UX designer, domain and user research, persona development, competitive/comparative analysis, ideation, interface design, paper and digital prototypes, IA, usability testing, design iteration, presentation

SOFTWARE: InDesign, InVision, Photoshop

This is Lauren: urban professional committed to her personal fitness.
Lauren still reminisces about the deep satisfaction she felt on the swim team in college, when she exercised every day. In her dream world, she would run every morning before work and attend a group fitness class every evening.
In reality, she works out only three or four times per week.

LIFE GETS IN THE WAY OF GROUP FITNESS PLANS: Lauren's demanding job as a Boeing engineer frequently forces her to miss her regular evening fitness classes.

BUT WORKING OUT ALONE ISN'T ALWAYS EFFECTIVE: When she works out alone, she often gives in to ennui and quits before reaching her goals.

Meh. I guess two miles is enough tonight.

QuoteThe hardest part of working out alone is holding myself accountable to a really good workout that'll make me feel fulfilled.

- Lauren Lo

Being around other people keeps Lauren accountable to her workout -- she never gives up early in a class. Otherwise, a group fitness class is a solo environment for Lauren, one in which she can focus fully on herself. It's a special occasion when someone else plans out her time and she doesn't need to think.

When she gets off work late, how can Lauren find a last-minute available spot in a different group fitness class?

And what if she gets home from work and would rather have the social experience of running with a friend? How can Lauren quickly find a running partner?


WORK OUT NOW aims to make physical fitness more accessible to people whose full lives sometimes throw wrenches in their plans. It aims to help users stay accountable to their fitness goals, have fun interacting with others who share their goals, find exactly the workout they need at any given time, and feel accomplished every day.

Early sketch

Early sketch

Early prototype

Early prototype

Current mockup

Current mockup

A SCENARIO: Lauren got off work late and missed her regular CrossFit class. She's already stressed out from work, and now extra stressed that she might not get the relief of a workout. She wants to find another fitness class to attend tonight, somewhere near work or home.

Lauren uses the WORK OUT NOW app to find and reserve a last-minute spot in a Pilates class near her work. She arrives home after class buzzing with endorphins, feeling accomplished and grateful that she got a workout, and much more relaxed than when she first left work.

Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Prototype screen
Prototype screen

The primary impact of this project was personal -- I learned a ton about user experience design in one intense week. The biggest surprise was discovering how all steps of the research and planning processes led to the creation of a focused, goal-directed design.

The most significant things I learned were the importance (and fun challenge) of interviewing subjects without asking leading questions, the importance of designing for a user (as opposed to designing for oneself), the usefulness of affinity diagrams in understanding large sets of qualitative data, how to present the first iteration of a project to various types of stakeholders, and how to rapidly move through research, planning and design, to interactive prototype.

If this project were to continue, it would be important to test the prototype with more users, to validate its usability and usefulness before moving forward with higher fidelity design or updated features.

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